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Welcome to higher vibration

In your time on our website you'll find contents, products and people that can assist you as you take your steps on a path of personal and spiritual growth. Higher Vibration is a group of individuals that practice energetic therapies, different workshops and can consult with you on the topic of spirituality. Our vision is to allow you to reach for the thing you need the most on your path of soul development. Our products will bright up your home and provide energy needed to support you and your wellbeing.
Higher vibration was established in year 2013 with the purpose of helping

EVERYONE at awakening

of our heart and connect with the unity conciseness. In our heart there is a spot - a space and it's called the tiny space of the heart. Inside it you will never find duality. Everything that exists around us is a mirror of our own heart. When we have harmony between the heart and the mind we can connect with our own intuition. This is the first step of connecting with our higher conciseness. Our heart is not positive and it's not negative. It's neutral. It is the point of unity.

Therefore, when we are at in this point, we find ourselves and the origin as one in the same moment. The transition to a higher consciousness can only be achieved through the consciousness of Oneness. All our workshops and products have a common denominator. Through the Higher Vibration, we try to help people find themselves and remember who we are. We are Mother Earth. We are the Universe. I am you, you are me. In cosmos, we are in a circle and we are all one. We hope that with our help you will find another part of yourself. In Lak’ech

-  LU KA,


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We encourage questions of any kind related to Higher Vibration and love to assist you at awakening your heart, of experiencing higher vibrations and returning to unity.

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