Agua de Palo Santo – spirit water


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Sacred wood water (palo santo), traditionally used by shamans from South America in rituals of healing, cleansing, thanksgiving

Volume: 221 ml
Fragrance Description: Palo Santo – the sacred wood of South America

Palo Santo Clearing incense just got better with this new clearing water. This very powerful cleanser combined with its healing qualities is a key product to have. Its benefits are as the palo santo incense.

The Qero Paqo shaman’s and medicine people use it for its unique ability to clear heavy energies and cleanse the bodies’ energy field and surrounding space.

Used during ceremony, rituals, healing processes for protection, opening sacred space, feeding sacred altars, healing baths, an every-day cologne, body deodorizer, for skin care preparations, before and after shaving or as a body splash. Applied directly or apply into an atomizer bottle and use as a spray as a natural household product to purify and re-fresh rooms and clothing from stagnant smells are just a few of its properties.

Great as a first aid resource for headaches, nervous tension, shock, head colds, tiredness, treating insect bites and for use after exercise as a rub down to cool the body, tone muscles and sooth the nerves.

The fresh fragrant uplifting and invigorating zingy citrus aroma awakens the senses leaving you refreshed and revived.

Its key ingredients include citrus and herbal notes along with spice and floral undertones of Bergamot, Neroli, Lemon, Clove, Cinnamon, Lavender, Rose and Orange flower. When first applied the uplifting citrus notes are most dominant, then the scent of Clove move to the front leaving you with an incredibly appealing dry spice with a fresh zingy-ness left hanging in the air!

How to use: Water is used to clean the room and scent the air. The indigenous people of South America used it to purify energy in space and to sanctify rituals. It is used by dripping it on the palms, and then we clean and scent the area around the person with hand movements. Ideal for cleansing the space and cleansing the energy field of the aura. You can use it as a spray. For this purpose, you can use a spray bottle and pour in the contents of the water. If you spray around before you leave home, you will strengthen and support your strength. You can also spray yourself when you get home so energy you don’t want to bring inside.

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