Deer skin rattle


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Unique, handmade rattles made in Slovenia.

Rattles are a powerful tool for use in shamanism, for music-therapeutic purposes. They connect us to their heart and at the same time ground us into the here and now.

Rattle length: approx. 28-30 cm (head approx. 10 cm, handle approx. 20 cm)

Rattle head: Slovenian deer skin – The skins we use would otherwise end up in the trash, unused. With the utmost respect for the gift of life, these skins are processed and turned into rattles that can serve as a powerful tool for anyone who calls them.

Handle: roe deer horns

Decoration: different pens

Available 2 rattles (pictured), write in a note whether you want a rattle with a white binding on the neck or a black binding on the neck.

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