Dream catcher with owl feathers

Handmade dream catchers with real owl feathers

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Handmade dream catchers with real owl feathers

In some native American cultures and the cultures of the first nations, the dream catcher is a hand-made willow ring on which a net is woven. A dream catcher can also include sacred objects, such as certain feathers or beads. Traditionally, they are often hung over the cradle as protection. A ring with a woven cord or tendon designed to imitate a spider’s web used as a protective charm

The native Americans believe that dreams are messages of spirits from the afterlife. Some believe that dream catchers attract dreams into their nets, good spirits find their way through the hole and hover between consecrated feathers over sleeping people, and bad spirits get caught in nets and melt in the morning sun. Still others believe that our dream catcher he chases dreams all night long, good and bad, and saves them so we can remember them in the morning.

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