Flower of Life Pendant – Sphere (GOLD or SILVER color)


The flower of life represents the source of the universe. In three-dimensional form, it can be seen as a cube or as a sphere.

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Material: Alloy steel gold or silver colored

-Alloy steel gold
-Alloy steel silver

Alloy steel does not change color or oxidize. It is a significantly cheaper alternative to silver and gold.

Size: approx. 3.5 cm

Cotton bag included

Chain not included.

(We may only have pendants in stock in small quantities.)

The flower of life is considered one of the most popular symbols from a set of shapes of sacred geometry made up of circles of equal size that can be repeated indefinitely.

The pendant is a 3D version of the FLOWER OF LIFE, which also represents the shape of a “soccer ball”. Buckminster Fuller regarded it as one of the strongest and most stable forms of sacred geometry.

According to Drunvalo Melchizedek, however, there is an even older find of the flower of life in the White Pyramid in Tibet. The flower of life has a deep spiritual meaning and contains patterns of creation of the world that emanates from the Great Void. “

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