Holy wood (Palo Santo) – Package (25g – 100g)

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Palo Santo or “Sacred Wood” is a natural wood, an aromatic incense that has been an indispensable tool of the peoples of South America for centuries.



Different packages:
25-30 g
50 g
100 g

the size and number of cups in the package can vary as it is a natural product.

Burseara Graveolens, known as Palo Santo or Sacred Wood. The wood has a rich, sweet, fragrant smell and has an antiseptic and antibacterial effect. It is used basically in purification and consecration rites.

Palo santo can have a shiny appearance, this is due to the resin inside the wood.

Palo Santo has a fresh citrus aroma, which is said to have exceptional energy cleansing power.

One of the unique properties of Palo Santa is said to be its healing and cleansing power, which is why incense is so important in South America.

Our Palo Santo comes from wild and sustainable plantations.

A tree usually grows for 30 years, dies and falls. The tree is left for 10-20 years, after which the tree is cleaned, the wood used and replanted.
We only sell wildly harvested pure Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) in the South American countries of the Pachamama Alliance, which are committed to preserving, managing and maintaining their forest plantations.
Shamans and individuals use it to cleanse energy smog. It is used in therapies, rituals and ceremonies around the world.
Tribes from the jungles of South America have found that they also help repel insects.

Shamans use it to clean space, people, stones, altars …

Note: The image is symbolic

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