LEMURIAN R2 HARMONIZER for environment, apartment, Earth with LEMURIAN CRYSTAL (large, for hanging)


A Lemurian tool for harmonizing the environment and the Earth, they are made according to the instructions of Drunval Melchizedek in Sedona, USA – a large LEMURIAN R2 HARMONIZER to hang.


The Lemurian R2 Harmonizer™ – the Lemurian R2 Harmonizer for the environment and the Earth – creates an energy torus field that empowers the environment and people in its area with higher frequencies of light. It has an additional spiral that creates a connection with the Earth.

Lemurian harmonizers are made according to the inspiration and directions of the renowned Slim Spurling, who also received the title “the true Lord of the Rings”. The ratios used in all Lemurian tools are not random. Precise measurements called Neter Lengths are used – these are codes for specific wavelengths that the Universe uses to display in three-dimensional measurement form. The word Neter comes from Egypt and represents nature. Lemurian harmonizers use the natural laws of the universe and belong to the so-called “right-brain” technology.

Drunvalo Melchizedek presents more about this technology in the book The Ancient Secret of the Flowers of Life (Višja Vibracija publishing house, 2021):
“The only thing the Lemurians knew was right-brain technology, about which we know very little today. Psychotronic devices, radiosthesia rods, harmonizers and similar tools are right-brain technologies. If you could see how this technology works, you would be speechless. You can do absolutely anything you can imagine with this right-brain technology, just as you can with left-brain technology. But only if you use their full potential.” Drunvalo Melchizedek

Harmonizers and Lemurian rings are made in perfect circle symmetry. They are twisted and soldered so that each one vibrates with the frequency or quality of light.

This is a special version of the R2 harmonizer born out of the desire to create a stronger relationship between Mother Earth and humanity. It strengthens the connection between us and the Earth. To activate the R2 Lemurian Harmonizer, simply hang it on a hook or stand. The harmonizer adapts itself to the surroundings, so nothing else is needed. If you want to transmit or amplify the operation over a greater distance, simply play the attached music (MP3 link in the email). Volume doesn’t matter.

You may find that birds and other animals that are very sensitive to a loving environment will respond to your harmonizer. Plants and gardens, however, respond almost immediately.

It consists of two powerful units – the Lemurian Environmental Harmonizer and the added technology of the Lemurian Posi-vac Coil. Like other Lemurian harmonizers, this one works with the torus field, but the coil strengthens the connection with Mother Earth. It helps clear the energy field, helps with resistance, balances discordant energy.



  • To clean the environment
  • To clean polluted air
  • For alternative farming methods and plant support
  • To improve the quality and energy of water
  • For partial protection against insects
  • For energy harmony
  • For personal energy support
  • To reduce EMF pollution
  • To improve fuel efficiency (say in cars)
  • For harmony between the personal and business part of life

A Lemurian harmonizer placed at home or in the office protects the space, raises the vibration and improves the general atmosphere. It begins to move and transform energies that are stagnant and not improving. It works subtly, but very effectively, especially in those parts of the room where there are energetic noises.



– NO MUSIC – Place the Lemurian Harmonizers on the 9cm Glass Information Tile with the Rose of Life (which is included). You can place it virtually anywhere. You can also move it around.

– WITH MUSIC – If you want to strengthen the action and expand the area in which it works and protects, in addition to the above instructions, use the “music of Lemuria”, which is sent to you by email upon purchase – it is an original part of the purchase of Lemurian Healing Tools. (In the past, a CD was sent, but now, due to the decreasing use of it, an MP3 is sent.) The volume can be set low. You can actually place a small speaker, or even headphones, near your harmonizer and let it work. It is recommended that your harmonizer “listens” to music for at least 2 hours at a time.



– The Lemurian Harmonizer FOR THE ENVIRONMENT, without activation music, works within a 30 meter diameter circular area (15 meters in each direction).

– If you ACTIVATE it WITH MUSIC, which is attached, it works in an area up to 24 km in diameter (12 km in each direction).

– This performance further strengthens the connection between us and Mother Earth.



– Lemurian Environmental Harmonizer (Holy Cubit)

– 9-centimeter energy plate made of hand-polished glass. These discs are tuned to the orbit of Earth and Venus around the Sun, creating a gentle flowing energy. This bar features a 14K gold flower of life that is fired into the glass at 400 degrees Celsius. It is an excellent base for your harmonizer, as it further strengthens the effects of vitalization and harmonization

– Lemurian Crystal (inside Harmonizer) – Added is a powerful golden Lemurian seed crystal that strengthens and brings the water element to areas that need its energy. The crystals were activated on a vortex in Sedona, USA, exposed to the sun and light of the full moon, with a message of Oneness and unconditional love. Lemurian crystals can also help create a holographic connection between the inner Earth, the surface of the Earth and between the stars. This holographic link connects the Lemurian Seed Crystals to other crystals in space in and on the surface of the earth, connects the crystals to the human magnetic field, the human magnetic field to the earth, and the earth to the outer multidimensional universe.

– Note: The stand is not included!



The base is made of copper, and on the surface there are several layers of silver (Sterling), 14K gold, rose gold or green gold (Gaia Green Gold).

Disclaimer: These products are not intended to diagnose, treat medical conditions or treat disease. Consult your doctor for any medical advice.

Please note: Lemurian Harmonizers are gold plated or silver plated with 14k gold or Sterling silver. Do not polish, brush or shine. They will naturally wear over time (especially the pendants) and the protective varnish may wear off, but this will not interfere with the effectiveness of the harmonizer or Lemurian ring.