Meditation chair


Excelent meditation chair if not even the very best based on our judgment. It provides complete comfort, in any position. Highly recommended.



An excellent meditation chair that provides comfortable sitting for several hours. Meditation on this chair becomes relaxed as the backrest helps the body maintain an upright position. Its good feature is just the right upholstery, a slightly raised seat, which is very welcome for a relaxed meditation. In front of the TV or in lectures, thanks to the flexible backrest, you can pour yourself into a chair and enjoy the show – like in a lounger. The chair is suitable for home use and is highly recommended for studies where lectures and meditations are conducted. You can choose from a variety of colors.

Characteristics of the chair:
– The backrest is adjustable from 0 to 90 degrees
– The chair is very comfortable and perfect for meditation or relaxation
– Adjusting the chair is very easy and quieter than similar chairs designs
– Because it is so simple to use, the chair is the best solution for personal meditations or for use in therapies or workshops.
– The chair cover can be removed and washed
– We also use them, in our heart-full workshops in the Higher Vibration.

We promise you will enjoy sitting in your chair.

Delivery time can be extended up to a maximum of 45 days, depending on the quantity and stock of the order. Please understand 🙂

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