Meditation cushion Yogi&Yogini – buckwheat filling (many design, premium)


Yogi & Yogini meditation cushion with many different designs.



Yogi & Yogini meditation cushion with many different designs.

Adjustable and refillable
The height of the meditation cushion may be adapted to your preferrance by removing some of the filling.
The buckwheat hulls in the meditation cushion will settle after a while, so for maintaining best sitting comfort, it needs to be refilled once in a while. You will please your clients by always keeping stock of some of these bags for refill: product no. W9846/2 (to be ordered seperately).

Product specifications
Material outer cushion(*): cotton, with zipper on bottom.
Material inside cushion: cotton, with closing chord.
Filling: buckwheat chaff of finest quality, no irregularities.

Yogi & Yogini Meditation
Under our brand Yogi & Yogini Meditation we market products that are a great support to your meditation practice. Turn your meditation moment into a daily wellness ritual. The right materials support your concentration and comfort. So, you can train your mind towards loving kindness, compassion and wisdom, without being distracted.

* With each new order there can be a slight difference in colour due to different dye baths.