MINDFOLD meditation mask


A great meditation mask, if not the best in our opinion. It creates complete darkness even with your eyes open. Highly recommended.

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Original MINDFOLD mask, made in the USA
Included: Mask 1x, Ear plug 2x

The Mindfold mask is flexible, has a soft interior and allows you to experience the perfect darkness with your eyes open or closed.
With the adjustable Velcro® strap (the “hedgehog” strap), the mask adapts to the shape and size of the head. So that the mask will stay firmly on your head, whether you are moving or dancing.

Mindfold mask:
– allows a complete darkness from all sides
– does not put pressure on the eyes and does not smear make-up
– is great for meditation, relaxation, for traveling, for sleeping
– it is very easy to use and can be “stored” anywhere