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Ultraviolet jar MIRON (1000 ml) for energizing water.

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The special protective properties of purple glass have been valued by people since ancient Egyptian civilization. Even then, valuable essences and healing natural crops were kept in gold and purple glass containers. In the Middle Ages, in addition to alchemists, other people during this time were aware of the remarkable properties of glittering purple glass. With the advent of industrialization and new packaging materials, purple glass has sunk into oblivion over the last hundred years.


The sun emits visible and invisible particles of light. The visible spectrum becomes visible to our eyes as white light passes through a glass prism. At the same time, light retains a part that is invisible to our eyes and is located between electromagnetic waves with an infrared to UV-A wavelength.

Sunlight allows plants to grow. If plants are exposed to the sun even after ripening, the effect of light accelerates the process of decay of molecules.

The purple MIRON glass acts as a natural filter that lets in only sunlight, which protects and improves the quality of top-quality and delicate items and blocks the entire spectrum of visible light, except the purple part.

At the same time, it provides radiation transmission in the UVA spectrum and infrared light. This unique combination provides optimal protection against the aging process caused by visible light, thus extending the durability and potency of the liquid in the bottle.

To substantiate all these advantages, Miron Violet Glass AG conducted a series of MIRON purple glass tests in its own research and in collaboration with scientific institutions. Further confirmation of functionality is given by the science of biophotons.


In the last few years, they have done several scientific experiments with almond oil, spirulina algae, rose water, drinking water, olive oil, cereals, honey, fruit and other things to find out what protective quality MIRON purple glass offers.

Here are some examples:

Since 2008, MIRON violet glass AG, in collaboration with several German beekeepers, has performed various tests to analyze the quality of honey stored in MIRON purple glass containers. The focus of the research was on the analysis of active ingredients that inhibit seed growth and honey aroma. The results showed that honey stored in purple MIRON glass does not break down its own ingredients to retain flavor, color, structure and enzymes much better than in any other containers.

Test with chicken feeding
White, green and brown glass is permeable to the visible spectrum of light and does not provide sufficient protection against degradation due to light. In the experiment, some plants and spices were stored in white, brown, and purple glass for 3 months. They were exposed to the sun for a few hours a day, and the rest of the time they were kept out of the reach of the sun.

After two months, visible changes in quality were recorded with photographs, and differences in odor were determined by a blind test of volunteers. The illustration shows that chisel samples stored in brown and white glass containers faded. The chisel sample, kept in MIRON glass, did not change color. Even the smell of the chives stored in the MIRON glass was stronger and fresher (Dr. Niggli and Dr. Max Bracher).

Tomato feeding test
To make it easier to prove the protection of the quality of food stored in MIRON glass, they did a test with cherry tomatoes. Tomatoes were stored for 7 months in white glass and purple MIRON glass. They were kept at room temperature and within reach of sunlight. After 7 months, the result was photographed. The photo shows microbiological changes in tomatoes stored in white glass, and there were no visible signs of discoloration and drying on tomatoes stored in purple MIRON glass.

Water crystals
The father of water crystal photography dr. Masaru Emoto, realized that no two snow crystals are the same. He came up with the idea to prove the quality of water with the help of frozen water droplets and their photographs. He hired a young scientist who confirmed this thesis with the help of a high-resolution microscope. Meanwhile, his paintings have traveled the world.

In his experience, water has a memory and responds to healing. The spring water creates beautiful harmonious and filigree hexagons, and from the water of the lower course of the river crystals are hardly formed.

In his work, he emphasizes that the speech of images of water is diverse. The images, shapes and impressions that come from the research are not reproduced because nature does not repeat itself either. Conclusions on chemical, biological and physical properties cannot be demonstrated by this method. However, he believes that images of water crystals can say something about the information and energy content.

For our experiments, we filled the water into three different pharmacy bottles made of white, brown, and purple MIRON glass. We performed a short-term storage lasting 7 days and a medium-long storage lasting 74 days. Once again, we want to reiterate that the speech of water images is more dimensional and cannot be scientifically confirmed. However, the taste and quality of the water became almost as if it had been bottled at a spring in nature. The water became “alive.”



The symbols on our MIRON jars and bottles are fired at 500 ° C on the glass, which ensures that the symbols and the inscription will not wear out, even with long-term and daily use. They can also be washed in the dishwasher.

Miron glass is black at first glance. But when you look through it towards the light, the real, rich purple color of the glass will be revealed to you.

We have a variety of motifs available that add the frequency of Sacred Geometry and the Word printed on glass.

Everything is consciousness. When we drink water, its vibration combines with the vibration of our body.



Material: Miron
Glass color: dark purple
Design color: gold or silver
Contents: 500 ml

The symbol is printed on the jar using a special method that allows heating up to 100 degrees C.

The following symbols are available:
– Flower of Life and the inscription Love
– Metatron’s cube and Gratitude inscription
– Om and the inscription Namaste (“I see the Light in You, which is also in Me)
– NEW: Enneagram / Fingerprint of God and the inscription Infinity (Infinity)
– NEW: The Flower of Life / The Fruit of Life and the inscription I Am
– NEW: 64 Tetrahedron / Matrix of Life and the inscription Ascension

ATTENTION: The jars are ideal for use for WATER. They can also be washed in the dishwasher.

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