Sticker FLOWER OF LIFE (metallic, multiple variations)

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Extremely high-quality and durable metal sticker in the shape of FLOWER OF LIFE. Does not scratch or fade.


The Flower of Life is considered one of the most popular symbols from the set of shapes of sacred geometry, which consists of circles of equal size that can be repeated ad infinitum. The very figure of the circle, which represents the whole, multiplies to infinity in the symbol of the flower of life, and therein lies the key that leads to abundance in all areas of life.

The Flower of Life is a symbol of sacred geometry and is made up of identical circles that can create the idea of perfection, infinity, cyclicality or interconnectedness. These harmoniously connected circles have stirred spirits for centuries, some believe in their power to create abundance in various areas of life, while others just love their perfect shape.



Possible sizes: 1.5cm – 15cm
Possible colors: gold, silver