Obljuba s Plejad – Christine Day (BOOK)


In the form of this book, the highly enlightened beings of the Pleiades impart certain knowledge to us, with which they want to help us realize a higher spiritual destiny.

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The Pleiadians live on an open star cluster in the constellation Taurus called the Pleiades, which consists of a large number of beautiful and brilliant stars. About a hundred are visible with a telescope, but only six or seven with the naked eye. Since the Pleiadian level is the next step or level of human evolution, the highly enlightened beings from the Pleiades impart certain knowledge to us with which they want to help us realize a higher spiritual destiny. Highly enlightened beings from the Pleiades or special Pleiadian forces live at a very high frequency, which is significantly higher than ours.

The Pleiadians are entering a new era of development. A new multidimensional time frame, a frequency of pure light, opened, activating a sacred moment of an important aspect of their commitment to humanity, what the Pleiadians call the fulfillment of a promise made many lifetimes ago. Now is the moment to reveal to humanity the sacred aspects of all that we are and what we must do in order to fully realize ourselves and begin to fulfill the role we have been given on Earth.

The energy of their promise is the key that opens the door to further awakening the process of self-realization on a multidimensional level. The promise activates the unfolding of insights and knowledge in all of us who seek the truth—information that will help us understand the transition we find ourselves in and the role we must play to fully open to our greatness.

More blessed revelations will bring you into tune with a deeper natural aspect of your human and spiritual nature. The Promise of the Pleiades includes 13 channeled audio recordings that will connect you directly with beings from the Pleiades through multidimensional light initiations.
Introductory speech by the Pleiadians

Adultery, we salute you.

Our task at this time is to help you activate the energy of “promise” on planet Earth, which is an important final phase of our mission, with the help of which you too will move forward and fulfill yours. One aspect of the promise involves initiations that will remove a series of veils, seals, and filters that have been placed in your physical structure that have limited your access to the consciousness of the higher worlds. All of the implants just listed have limited your experience over many lifetimes in order for you to live fully as a human being. But more on that later.

Behind the limited three-dimensional reality of illusion, there is a timeless space of all possibilities to reunite with your self. Endless space-time carries within it the multidimensional form of your consciousness, where your perfect existence resides. You are ready for revelation, you are ready to return to the meeting place again.

“You are the one you’ve been waiting for.”

This message is sent to all of you who are ready to step forward and descend into the exciting next phase of your experience on Earth. We live in a different time than ever before in the history of the universe. Even this time’s group energy moment has no match.

Now the moment of multidimensionality has opened and it is likened to a door that leads to the new, and you have the choice to go beyond the illusion that you have been under the armor of for many lifetimes. The energy of the promise has opened up the possibility for you to transcend the illusory experiences of the world of three dimensions. Now you can begin to naturally express your independent nature in multidimensionality.

We respect your process and witness all that is deeply rooted in you from living in three dimensions on Earth. We respect your human side and life stories as lived and experienced. We know and realize that you are now ready to face a whole new aspect of yourself that has been dormant for a long time on the other side of the dimensional veil beyond the third dimensional life. A process was put in place that was woven into part of the perfect plan whereby you remained separate from your spiritual aspect. We lifted the veils so that you remained rooted in an illusory state and had a limited perception of truth, so you were also unable to solidify and maintain connections with yourself in the higher realms.

Much of the grand plan was intended to block the perception of our spiritual aspect with several seals and filters in your physical body that kept you separate. Seals and filters are implants that were energetically activated at birth to keep you in a limited state of illusion. The implants successfully kept you separate from your higher spiritual consciousness, keeping you in a space of separation where you could not experience the truth of your limitless potential and the sacred connection with the oneness that characterizes God consciousness.

Many of you have been misrepresented about implants by others or have misinterpreted them yourself. Some of you can’t shake the feeling that you have them to control you, that you are their victim, but that is not the case. You are not and have never been a victim. It is important that you understand that you agreed to them in advance because you wanted to fully experience separation on Earth.

Implants have given rise to the full spectrum of illusions that play out in the human drama. This is exactly why you came to Earth: to live as humans in an illusion that you agreed to in advance. Through the human aspect, you have completely immersed yourself in the emotional drama as we know it here. That’s why it’s important to realize that the experience of living in a human body was something you decided on your own at some point and that you accept it as such. You agreed to it. You have devoted yourself completely to acting out your human drama. You have experienced firsthand what it means to be chained to the illusion of your own importance and power.

In the bigger picture within the universe, beyond the illusion of a three-dimensional world, they know that all of your lives happened in a single moment, like the blink of an eye. Only you lived in a powerful illusion of time that was anchored to the planet, so your experiences seemed endless, but in reality they only lasted a single moment. In previous lives, at the end of your incarnation, you left your physical body, traveled to the higher worlds, and reconnected fully with truth. Your source matrix for this lifetime, however, is completely altered and vastly different from the source matrix of any previous lifetime. You are moving into the next period of evolution. Still in your physical body, you are birthing through the sacred blueprint of your impression and re-attuning to the truth of yourself.

Once the implants are removed, you will be able to step forward and experience the universal community in oneness with full consciousness. Then you will step into your rightful place, which represents the next phase of your mission on Earth. You will feel completely fulfilled within yourself so that you can complete your mission here. You will consciously operate from a multi-dimensional perspective, even though you will still be in your physical body.

Know that you will resurrect yourself and move beyond the veils. You yourself will reconnect with the natural gifts and tools you will have, step on the other side of the illusion. You will remove seals and filters, the truth about you will be clearly revealed to you, your true essence will be revealed to you.


We bless you with love,
The Pleiadians



Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, medium and author. Christine has a difficult childhood in Australia, and when she was 31 years old, doctors diagnosed her with an advanced form of the autoimmune disease lupus. Her days are said to be numbered. Soon after, she experienced a deep spiritual awakening with the help of the Pleiadians, an energy that helped her to complete self-healing. Since then, he has been conducting Pleiadian initiations of people in the United States and elsewhere in the world.



Language: Slovenian
Number of pages: 230
Dimensions: 13.5 x 21.0 cm
Binding: Paperback

Release year: 2018
Author: Christine Day
ISBN: 978-961-94387-3-2

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