Oriental candle holder HEART


This charming Oriental candle burner, also known as a Diya, is suitable for the burning of tea lights and ghee candles.

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In many traditions on Earth, burning candles is a sacred act that means more than words can say; it is about gratitude and serenity. As long as one can remember, people have burned candles in holy places. Maybe you like to start or end the day with this simple ritual – burning a candle, always paying due care and attention for yourself and others.

The most famous light festival is the Hindu festival Divali, also known as the Festival of Light. It is the celebration of the victory of good over evil, of light over darkness, of bliss over ignorance. Divali is celebrated to welcome the light into our life. Light is associated with success and hope.

Traditionally, clay baked candle holders are used for offering the lights, called Diya or Dia. The lights are decorated by hand, usually by women, using colourful designs.

The candles are traditionally made from clarified butter (ghee) with a cotton wick, sometimes soaked in perfume. Ghee candles burn stably.



Material: Brass
Color: Gold
Size: 11×4 cm
Weight: 225g

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