Shamanic drums made of Slovenian deerskin, made in Slovenia.

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Shamanic drums made of Slovenian deerskin, made in Slovenia.

Each drum is unique in its sound and appearance, as each skin is unique. What is a shamanic drum? It is great for working in shamanism, for music-therapeutic purposes. Each drum is made ceremoniously, with the intention of serving the highest good, with gratitude for the donated life of the animal. The shamanic drum is a powerful tool that helps us connect with nature, Mother Earth, with her heart, ground us in the here and now. It helps us get back to our center and solidify our intention, mission, vision.

Size: 14 “(35.5 cm)
Material: * Genuine leather – Slovenian deer: no deer were harmed for the purpose of making a drum.
The skins we use would otherwise end up in the trash, unused. With the utmost respect for the gifted life, these skins are processed and turned into a drum that can serve as a powerful tool for anyone who calls them.

* Wooden ring – autumn Binding – 4 directions – 4 directions of the sky Next to the drum you also get a handmade wooden, unique percussion instrument for playing. MAKE YOUR OWN SHAMANIC DRUM If he calls you to make your own shamanic drum, contact us at info@visja-vibracija.si.

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