Sea Ear Shell (Abalone)


A shell, with a shiny beautiful rainbow interior, traditionally used as a base when using natural incense.

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Mama Cocha – means mother of water.

The Sea Ear shell (Abalon), with a beautiful shiny rainbow interior, traditionally used as a base for the use of natural incense.
It connects us to the element of water. We used to be more connected to the sea. The shell connects us to the ancient energy of water and oceans.

An excellent base for various incenses, sage, palo santo.

Everything has consciousness. Use it with respect for nature and from the heart.

Mother Cocha is the goddess of the sea of ​​the Inca civilization, “the mother of the sea or the mother of the oceans.” It is a protector of fishermen and sailors, prevents storms and calms waters.
These sacred shells are used as a symbol of the element of water, they are used as a base for incense. It is also used as a decorative object on the altar, as jewelry, or as a vessel for burning prayer sticks or leaves.

Sea Ear shells are worn on the forehead by Apache girls as they greet the sun in the morning after their transition to femininity. The energy of these shells strengthens the structure of the body and works directly with the heart chakra. They are closely related to the sea and represent a tide of emotions. We can fill them with water, and with this gesture we connect more strongly with the water and oceans in our prayers or ceremonies.