Shungite sphere – Yin Yang


Place a shungite sphere near all devices that are sources of various types of radiation—such as your television, computer, microwaves, radio receivers, wi-fi hot spots etc. to neutralize any EMFs.

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Size: 50 mm

Does Shungite need cleaning?

Shungite does not need clearing and does not take any negative energy or Electromagnetic Radiation that is absorbs. It negates it in the process.

How do you recharge Shungite?
To do it, you can leave it for a day under direct sunlight (or for a night under moonlight), use the smoke from sage and incense or fire from a candle, wash it under pure water or dig it in a natural soil for a couple of hours, recharge it with the power crystals (such as selenite, amethyst or quartz).

How long does it take for Shungite to work?

24-72 hours
It’s been scientifically proven that shungite can purify water within 24-72 hours. Shungite can cleanse bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals, nitrates, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals from water. I spent years trying to find the perfect water purifier to keep in my fridge.