Water bottle OmWater made from recycled glass (1200 ml) + organic cotton bag


Bottle (1200 ml) made of recycled glass with a cork stopper, OM design on the body and the word THANK YOU on the bottom.

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OmWater bottles
The design of the bottle in the Golden Ratio 1.618 (a ratio found everywhere in nature and the universe), the symbol OM (the sound of creation), the color blue to sun the water, the seed of life at the bottom, and the word THANK YOU – all come together in this bottle for positivity raising the vibration of water and those who use it. The bottle lovingly transmits good vibrations into the water.

Natural, ecologically treated cork
So that the water can breathe, we decided to include a cork stopper here. The cork stopper has been completely aseptically treated to ensure that the water will have no unpleasant odor or taste.

100% recycled glass, 0% heavy metals
The purpose of the bottle is to contribute to the use of tap water and avoid the mass use of bottles. It is made in Spain with 100% recycled glass, no heavy metals and therefore fully recyclable.

Add your intention to the water too: the transparent sticker is designed to write your word of intention with an alcohol marker.



Content: 1200 mL
Material: Recycled glass, free of heavy metals, ecological cork stopper

A 100% organic cotton bag is included.

Motifs that the bottle contains:
– The inscription OM
– The SEED OF LIFE symbol at the bottom
– “Thank you” inscription on the bottle in six languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese)

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