The unity grid is a network that surrounds our planet and allows us to move to the next level of consciousness.

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The Unity grid is the key to the Akashic records of planet Earth. The sterilized network allows us to make a stronger connection with our higher consciousness and in balancing the emotional body.

Combining Icosahedron (WATER) and Dodecahedron (SPIRIT/PRANA) connects us to Christ Consciousness energy. It is an Ascension sacred geometry. It promotes a connection to Alpha and Omega Spheres in our Merkaba. Inside is a hidden stellated dodecahedron, to enhance our connection with our Higher self.

It helps you to have deeper meditation and healing. We are receiving energy from the Christ Consciousness grid around the Earth all the time. But if we are not able to ground this energy and to share it with others, it will not have much use. This shape helps you to do exactly that.

The person who holds it becomes a portal between the Sky and the Earth. Furthermore, it enhances your personal power and assists you in creative expression & productivity. It harmonizes group dynamics, creating sacred space with a large universal field. Aligns you with your purpose



Material: Copper, Gold-platted (24 carat gold)
appox. 20-30 cm

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