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Fear is the other side of love. If you love, fear disappears. If you don’t love, fear arises—tremendous fear.

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If there is no love in your life, you become afraid. This pervades you everywhere, for everywhere there are enemies, there are no friends, and the whole of existence seems hostile to you; you feel random, rootless, homeless.

Therefore, do not pay much attention to fear, because such behavior is dangerous.

If you pay too much attention to fear, you feed it, so it grows.

Turn your back on him and turn to love. Only lovers are fearless, only in the moment of deep love there is no fear. In a moment of deepened love, existence becomes home – you are not a stranger, you are not an outcast, you are accepted.

In world bestsellers you will learn:

  • how do we find out where the fear comes from
  • why does it have such a strong influence on us
  • how to turn fear into courage
  • that fear can be your best friend,
  • how to trust your inner voice and much more.



OSHO is a modern mystic whose life and teachings influence millions of people of all ages and professions and was named one of the “1000 People Who Made a Mark of the Twentieth Century” by the British Sunday Times. His international bestselling books are available in 58 languages worldwide.



Language: Slovenian
No. pages: 147
Dimensions: 14 x 22 cm
Binding: Paperback

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