Tantra – OSHO (BOOK)


A book about mystical insights from ancient tantric works and many important tantric meditation techniques.

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“The supreme experience is not like any other experience, in fact it is no experience at all – because the one experiencing the experience has disappeared.”

In this bestseller, Osho discusses the mystical insights from ancient tantric works as well as many important tantric meditation techniques that are as relevant to the modern seeker as they were to the seekers of ancient times.

Osho brings his unique blend of wisdom, humor and challenging inspiration to this complex subject. The mystic can only bear the experience if you are ready to accept it; he can allow it to happen to you too, if you allow it to happen to yourself; if you are receptive and open to it.



OSHO is a modern mystic whose life and teachings influence millions of people of all ages and professions and was named one of the “1000 People Who Made a Mark of the Twentieth Century” by the British Sunday Times. His international bestselling books are available in 58 languages worldwide.



Language: Slovenian
No. pages: 276
Dimensions: 14 x 22 cm
Binding: Paperback

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