Tibetan prayers flags BUDDHAS (28×35 cm)


Ten Tibetan prayer flags in size 28×35 cm on a 300 cm long string to brighten up your home or sacred space.

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Tibetan prayer flags
Prayer flags are tradtionally hung in all countries with a Buddhist culture in the Hymalaya region, such as Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan.

The positive energy of the images and mantras are spread through the air as the flags flap in the wind, spreading goodness to all corners of the world, and beyond.

The colours of the flags (blue, white, red, green, yellow) represent the 5 Elements and the 5 Dhyani Buddhas, symbolising (among other things) the inner and outer Female and Male energies in their purest form.



Material: polyester
Size of each flag: 28×35 cm
Number of flags in the set: 10, one-sided
Cord length (base): 300 cm
Cord length (extra): 200 cm

Includes Mantra Images: 2x Buddha Shakyamuni, Zambala, Chenrezig, White tara, Green tara, Amitayus, auspicious horse and 2x Padmasambhava.

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