Vse o runah – Lisa Peschel (BOOK)


A practical guide to the use of runes in divination and magic.

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For as long as we can remember, man has wanted to interpret the past, the present, and especially the future. Again and again we look at the sky and think that maybe this time we will find the answers on how to proceed. Since we have always been surrounded by nature on Mother Earth, it is not surprising that we turn to her for answers to questions about our existence and life. We prophesy and divine with the help of many things, from stars to pebbles, from water to the Moon, from the sea to fire, from the universe to ordinary soil.

One of the techniques that originated in Scandinavia is the runes, which are already widely known today, but whose origin is still relatively shrouded in mystery, although they are said to come from Norse mythology. And yet we can easily make them from a wide variety of materials and in one way or another look for answers to life’s questions.

And precisely for this purpose, artist and writer Lisa Peschel from North Carolina, USA, wrote a short and handy guide to their history, production, use and interaction already in 1989. Of course, as with other means of divination, one’s own intuition applies to runes, but explanations of their history, meaning and interplay certainly help. In the small booklet, you will also learn everything and more, from which materials to make them, how to make your own bag in which to keep them, because it is important that everyone uses their own runes, which are imbued with his or her energy, and above all , how to use them for divination and to make talismans for good luck from them. Runes are considered sacred symbols that have spread like mushrooms around the world from Scandinavia, so the author also explains how important it is to take care of them as sacred objects that, over time, with practice, can help in a wide variety of situations and signify many things, from love for friendship, victory, movement, growth, development and important positive milestones in life, and there for the opposite meanings, such as problems in the family, defeats and other ailments, which is, of course, useful in finding appropriate solutions. It is also important in which direction the runes are facing and how many of them are placed in divination. Of course, the author also explains which runes are used to obtain money, protection, healing, strength, etc., and which days and gods or goddesses they are associated with.

In this small booklet, which in the English original has been reprinted for the 25th time and has already sold more than 250,000 copies, you will therefore find out briefly and concisely everything and more about:

  • twenty-four runes of the runic alphabet of Old Fulthark
  • differences between bindrunes and runic inscriptions
  • four rune placements and detailed rune explanations (also on the meaning of upside down runes)
  • making talismans and carving runes
  • the meaning and use of runes in magic



Language: Slovenian
No. pages: 192
Dimensions: 11.4 x 18.0 cm
Binding: Paperback

Release year: 2021
Author: Lisa Peschel
ISBN: 978-961-7079-20-3

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