Z energijo živim – Leticija Fortin (BOOK)


The book is a spiritual manual for anyone who wants to know the background of the forces that work both outside and inside of us.

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The book is the fruit of 17 years of personal experiences, visions and insights of the author, who was fascinated by the ancient knowledge of Mexican shamans, who over thousands of years explored the limitations and abilities of man as a being with consciousness.

The author introduced the knowledge into her daily life and thus became familiar with the world of energies and the possibilities of developing her own consciousness.

Through personal stories, he explains to us what is happening with human energy at levels invisible to him and how everyone can help themselves to overcome established ways of acting with energy skills, meditation and awareness. It brings spiritual knowledge to the reader without misleading words, explains the connection between the energy and physical world and describes it with practical examples.

It integrates emotions, thoughts, body and energy into one, sheds light on the influences of previous lives, teaches us how to ‘read’ our dreams and what the body tells us when it is out of balance. He also gives practical advice on how to start working on yourself and how to persist on this path, and describes some techniques for charging, healing, energy protection and working with the aura and chakras.

He describes Seekers of Consciousness as Warriors of Light, who are not just ordinary soldiers, but individuals who are reawakening their inner strength and living the truth.

In the introduction to the book, we can read a short presentation about the creation of the Earth and what has happened on it over the millennia, which the author then connects with a story from her personal history.



Language: Slovenian
No. pages: 211
Binding: Papercover

Publisher: Self-publishers
Release year: 2019
Author: Leticija Fortin
EAN: 9789612901615

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